Shh…Tell Everyone!

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Shh…Tell Everyone!

The next Secret Church will be on Good Friday, April 6, 2012, at 6:00 pm.  This session’s topic will be on “The Cross and Suffering.”  You can read a summary of the topic below.

Tickets: How do I get them?  Click here to purchase tickets on Monday, January 23, at 9:00 am (Central Time).  That morning, you will see a link on that page to purchase tickets.  Come to church on Sunday, January 22, for a special hint in ordering!

Simulcast: Will you be at home for Easter?  If you want to do a simulcast at your house with some friends, click here to find out more information about registration.  You can begin the simulcast process on Tuesday, January 24.

“The Cross and Suffering”
Suffering is a sobering reality in a fallen world. Followers of Christ are not immune to adversity and affliction. On the contrary, there is a real sense in which following Christ means that trials and tribulations are more likely to come our way. As a result, whether walking through sickness, sorrow, pain, or persecution, the questions abound: Why am I suffering? Where is God when I suffer? How can I suffer well? When will my suffering end? How can God be good and allow such evil in the world? How can God be gracious and ordain such suffering in my life? During this Secret Church on Good Friday, we will explore these extremely profound yet deeply personal questions through the lens of Christ’s sufferings on the cross. In the process, we will come to a surprising discovery of how the gospel strengthens, sustains, supports, and ultimately satisfies us in the middle of suffering.

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