It’s 2 years, what are you waiting for?

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This blog post is written by Noah W., Mid/Long Term Mission Coordinator for Brook Hills. 

Are you between 21-26 years old?  Are you single or married with no children?  Have you completed a bachelor’s degree?  If you said yes to these three questions, have you considered the Journeyman Program with the International Mission Board?

With a world population of over 7 billion people and over 2 billion people considered “unreached,” why not prayerfully consider this amazing opportunity? Christ, our Lord, has commissioned and commanded us to make disciples of all nations. You have been redeemed, transformed, and saved for a purpose. And Journeyman Program is an excellent avenue for you to give a period of time in your young life to seeing the glory of God made known among those who have not yet heard.

As college students graduate from school they are almost immediately faced with the temptation to pursue the American dream. The business world is waiting for young people to begin to seek opportunities to climb up the corporate ladder for status and security. The temptation lies in the desire for personal gain.  Do I want to glorify myself or God? One way to combat this temptation is to give a considerable amount of time in a cross-cultural context, working among people with urgent physical and spiritual need. No doubt that this experience would give young adults a needed perspective as they enter into their long-term vocation, whether that is in the business world or some other aspect of society.

The Journeyman Program is designed for 20 something’s with degrees to go and serve alongside missionaries and local churches around the world in order to seek and save the lost and give God the glory that He is due.  My wife Lindsay and I both served as single Journeyman in unreached Muslim contexts in the Middle East and Central Asia.  We left the comforts we had always known and went and labored in areas of the world where Christ is not known.  We learned a different language, absorbed a different culture, wore different clothes, ate different foods, danced to different music, made different friends, played different games, experienced different challenges and in the process allowed God to use us to help accomplish His plan of reconciling a people from every tribe, tongue, and nation to Himself.

What will it cost you?  Only two years of your life!  If God has saved you and you have made Him Lord of your life, do you not owe Him everything? His plans are to replace your plans. His desires are to replace your desires. His will is to replace your will.  You were created to make much of God and I can think of no better opportunity, than to give 2 years of your life to go to the unreached and to tell them about His saving grace.

A word of encouragement for those dwelling on the details is that God has provided the necessary resources for you to go. Due to the abundant generosity of Brook Hills and other SBC Churches, you will be fully supported as you go and proclaim the name of Christ among the unreached.

With almost 1.5 billion Muslims, almost 1 billion Hindus, and almost 620 million Buddhists all on a path that will lead to eternity apart from God, what are you waiting for?

Contact Paul A. ( today to discuss how God may be leading you or check out more about the Journeyman Program online at

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