Urgent need…for a healthy local church!

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We talk about urgency a lot here at Brook Hills.  We are living on a planet that has urgent needs, both physical and spiritual.  Nearly 2 billion people live with little to no access to the gospel which is the “power of God to salvation”.  That is an urgent need.  Today alone, over 26,000 children will die of starvation and preventable diseases, and over 1 billion people will live on less than $1.  That is urgent physical need.

Urgency means there is no time to waste.  No time to sit back in apathy.

I want to add another component of “urgency”, especially for college students.  The urgent need for a healthy local church.

Now, I know billions are lost and headed to a Christ-less eternity.  Millions are dying for lack of basic nutrition and medication.  But I really, really believe this is an urgent matter!  Scripture clearly teaches it as a non-negotiable, an essential aspect of a Christ-followers life.

Mark Dever mentions this urgency in his excellent book entitled, What is a Healthy Church?  When he speaks to college campus ministries, he’s been known to begin his talk with: “If you call yourself a Christian but you are not a member of the church you regularly attend, I worry that you might be going to hell.” (21)

Yes.  That is bold.  But he goes on to say, “I want them to see something of the urgency of the need for a healthy local church in the Christian’s life and to begin to share the passion for the church that characterizes both Christ and His followers.” (21)

It’s a great little book.  I recommend it highly.  I also, along with Dever, urge you to stop hopping from church to church, ministry to ministry.  God’s plan A for addressing “urgent physical” and “urgent spiritual” need in our world is the church, not isolated Christians.

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